Most recent update on our journey ...

  • Further success of products and growth of client projects. Be a Part Of Our Story!!

  • What started out as a mini-project to help an organisation with their small website, turned into an ideal opportunity to develop our first product.

  • Time To Expand

    Dec 2014

    Development of a new product, HEIapply, and engagement of additional clients from differing industries with many new and exciting problems to solve.

  • A very busy year spent enhancing the AppliCatalyst platform, growing and upskilling the team, and engaging more institutions

  • With a product built, delivered and working, a very happy client and demand from other institutions developing, David and Simon officially establish Action Starter.

  • Co-founders David Roberts & Simon Kaguramamba commence the development of our flagship education recruitment product

  • What started out as a small project to support on organisation’s small website became the opportunity to develop our first product

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