How we work

People who like us and what we do, ask us to work in any of the following ways:

Mentoring and Start-up Incubation

With our unique relationship with e4F we are able to work closely with entrepreneurs that we like.


Hourly or day rate with one of us; just help you think through some options, explore possibilities and gain independent and external viewpoints. Great when you are just exploring.


Day rate with one of us; this is perfect for organisations that need to draw together multiple opinions and perspectives and allows everyone to participate equally in exploring options. Apparently we are great at facilitation, “best ever”. Their words, not ours.


You talk, we listen, we play back what we heard to create the perfect project. Our customers have trusted us to deliver. Most of them are raving fans because they want to be, not because we have asked them to be. Normal project management rules apply, but in an agile and flexible way.

See examples of our Projects

New Product Development

Tucked away in your organisation are people that know the problem inside out, they probably know the solution as well. What they miss is the knowledge of how to take the next steps and do something with it. This is where we help you build products that solve your problems, and help you take it to market.

Joint Ventures

We work towards a joint venture with selected customers where we share the risk, and the reward, for making and commercialising new products. It’s not for everyone, nor do we choose to work with everyone in this way. Once we realise that each party is great, and we can depend on each other, then the likelihood of a joint venture emerging increases.